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Published: January 9, 2018

Marin doesn’t want to be a lady. She wants to kick butt and take names, but outside forces are working against her.

As if being human, even if she was raised by the King and Queen of the Elves, wasn’t bad enough, she’s also female. If Marin doesn’t train like her life depends on it, she won’t be able to hold her own against the elves around her. And at Macon Academy, the weakest link rarely survives.

While Marin wants to be the first female to graduate Macon Academy as a Mercenary, her mother has other plans. The Queen wants her to complete royal training to be groomed for a place amongst Elven royalty.

Between an attempted kidnapping, her impossible feelings for her best friend, and now a fiery magic growing within her, Marin’s life is twisting out of control. If she doesn’t get a grasp on her problems quickly, she may lose everything she’s fought so hard to build.

That’s if she can survive at all.

Fans of Sarah J Maas and Kristin Cashore will love this fantastical adventure of danger, loyalty, and unrequited love.

Protector E-book WEB.jpg

Published: February 6, 2018

Sometimes wars aren’t fought on the battlefield, but deep within ourselves.

Marin’s love for Favian is tested when his identical twin resurfaces after being stolen at birth. She’s overcome with confusion as her heart battles against her senses every time she looks at Sebastian. And knowing Favian will soon be courting female elves only breaks her heart more.

But when Favian and Kato are sent on a mission she can’t participate in, she runs away, ready to escape it all. Finding herself may be just what she needs until she runs across another mercenary who, with her help, discovers the mission isn’t quite what it seems. Someone’s setting a trap.

And Marin is the target.

Whoever’s after her will stop at nothing to claim her power, even if it means sacrificing innocent townspeople to do so. She’s already risked her heart for the Elven Kingdom, but now she must decide if she’s willing to risk her life as well.

Fans of Kristin Cashore and Sarah J Maas will devour this adventure of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.