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Lonely Lioness

Published on: March 2nd, 2019

Love. Responsibility. Pride.

For Ainsley, turning eighteen means finding a mate – and fast. When she runs into an old acquaintance, it seems as though everything is falling smoothly into place.

But it’s not.

When the wolves begin growing more bold and aggressive, a tremendous truth, hidden from her by her parents, is revealed and Ainsley will be forced to make a decision for the good of herself and her people.

The kind of truth that affects not only the present, but the future. The kind that changes everything.

Ainsley is a Sekhmet, a lioness descended from the Goddess, and with that knowledge and power comes great responsibility. 

The only question she has left to ask herself is: can she do what’s right? 

**This is a slow burn reverse harem/#whychoose novel with a HFN.**