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Of Dragons and Cruelty

Published on: September 27th 2019

She's no avenging angel; she's a Vengeance.

Fighting, sex, comradery, food, and drink; these are the things that the warrior women known as Vengeances enjoy.

While locked away for a minor crime, Jenecca’s kin are attacked and slaughtered before she can break free to rescue them. The only Vengeance who remains is herself.

The only thing on her mind – and DNA – is revenge on the man who murdered her sisters, but to enact her plan, she must travel to an entirely different dimension.

Turns out, she’s not so great at landings and finds herself right in the middle of a dragon shifter den.

An elf, two dragon shifters, and a minotaur, all know of what she is, having been with one of her sisters. When the fate of her sister in this new dimension is revealed, Jenecca’s desire to avenge her joins her need for justice.

Now, Jenecca must battle not only against the slayer of her kin, but against her heart and the ticking clock on her revenge.

Can she maintain her sanity? Or will it be too late for the last Vengeance?

Book One in a brand new reverse harem paranormal romance duology.

Of Minotaurs and Sacrifice book 2.jpg
Of Minotaurs and Sacrifice

Published on: October 18, 2019

The gods are still playing their games.

They aren’t going to win.

Jenecca and her mates are thrown into a new dimension—except this time someone wants her consorts.

And who wouldn’t?

Axel and Leonel, her fearless dragon shifters. Lucius, her jokester minotaur. And Lyklor, a cheerful elf that brings a smile to her face are all pieces of her heart.

No one is getting their hands on her consorts—but when they are targeted by an awakened god, Jenecca must sacrifice a piece of herself that makes her a Vengeance.

When the threat has passed, Jenecca finds herself with child. Her beautiful baby boy reminds her that she deserves love, even if she’d been too hard on herself to believe it. And when her child is threatened, her powers as a full-blooded goddess are unlocked.

Just when she thinks the threat has passed, her connection to Lucius goes cold. He has tried to free his people from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth and now needs her help to make it out of the labyrinth alive.

Saving him will ensure her consorts never have to fear anyone ever again. She will take her rightful place among the gods and end their games once and for all.

Of Minotaurs and Sacrifice is the sexy and action-packed conclusion to the Wings of Vengeance Reverse Harem duology.



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