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Queen of the Stars

Published on: April 6th 2019

Elara can pull the stars from the sky…literally.

Afraid of what the Warlords of Minloa might do to her, she hides her powers.

Until she can’t anymore.

Discovering her past and the bloodlines she possesses, changes everything. She’s much more important to the Seelie fae than she ever dreamed possible.

But her carelessness with the stars brings invaders from another universe — invaders with technology far surpassing the Seelie’s, demanding Elara return their star.

She must protect her world, her warlords, and the universe from these humans, or die trying.

You’ll love this action-packed fantasy with bits of sci-fi because everyone wishes for a chance to touch the stars. 

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This is a full-length reverse harem #whychoose fantasy novel. This is the first in a new trilogy that will be part of a multi-series universe.

Empress of the Galaxy

Published on: May 3rd 2019

To protect the galaxy, she must unite the world.

As the newly crowned Queen of Minloa, Elara has her hands full with more than just her mates and ruling a kingdom.

A dark threat looms on the horizon that threatens her mates' lives and will stop at nothing to get to her, while battles against fae creatures - and her own mind - put the entire world in danger.

If Elara's to unite the worlds, she'll need all the power of the sun and stars, her new mates, and the strength of the world to stand up and fight.

Protecting the galaxy is her duty and if she doesn't succeed?

Everyone she loves is doomed.

You'll love this second installment because the action, adventure, and love heat up even more.

This is a full-length reverse harem fantasy novel. This is the second in the Anderelle: Minloa trilogy that will be part of a multi-series universe.

Goddess of the Universe

Published on: July 26th

Elara’s very fate is on the line when the dark god sends evil fae creatures after her mates.

Amara believes she knows of an object that may help them win against the dark God and his minions.

The only problem? It’s on a highly protected continent full of humans.

But, is it their only hope?

Elara is willing to risk everything to save her people, including her own life. But, to save her life, her mates are willing to destroy themselves.

With the final battle on the horizon and countless lives at stake, what will it take for Anderelle to succeed? To win?

At the return of old enemies and new, unexpected allies make an appearance. Everyone is waiting for the finale, where the ultimate battle of wills between good and evil will be waged.

The end is near. Elara and Amara must face the final test of love, loyalty, and cosmic balance if they have any hope of protecting the universe.

This is a reverse harem fantasy full-length novel with a HEA ending.



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