Recovery and upcoming release

My recovery is going really well. Unfortunately, I didn't get any writing done the week I was off work. I only read one book and that was because it was an Ilona Andrews book and I'd been waiting for it for over a year.

On the positive side, I finished the edits from my editor for my newest novel. I have a beta reader that will read it and give me feedback and then I will be reading through it one more time myself. Once all edits and adjustments have been made, it will be ready for publishing.

I am in contact with a cover artist and may have a cover to reveal within the next two weeks. The proofs I have seen so far are amazing and I think you will love it.

I'm planning to do a pre-order with this novel just like I did for Daughter of Lions. I do not have the dates just yet, but will work out all of the details soon.

If you're a book blogger and are interested in reviewing my upcoming novel, please email me at nerdycatherinebanks at gmail dot com.

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