I finally started taking college classes again. I had gone on a hiatus to give myself a break, but when I realized how close I am to graduating I signed up again. Currently I'm taking Advanced College Composition and History. These two are required for my graduation. After these two I only have around 5 classes to take and then I'm done!

The one thing I'm dreading is math. I have to retake the assessment test and it's been eleven years since I had to take any type of math class. I've never been good with math and now I'm rusty. I have a feeling that I'll be in bone head math and that I might have to take more than one math class to reach the minimum required to graduate. Fingers crossed that that doesn't happen though.

Once I'm done with my degree, I'm debating if I want to take the chance and double up my degree with a second major. Currently I'm majoring in English, but with four or five additional classes I could have a second degree.

Decisions. Decisions. Knowing me I will probably get my degree and just be done, but who knows, I might decided to continue on.

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