Exciting days ahead!

In 16 days NaNoWriMo will begin! I am so excited and I can't wait to start on my novel. I am once again challenging myself to write 100,000 words in 30 days, but am hoping to reach 150,000 words this year (last year I had over 120,000). I will be writing the sequel to Pirate Princess and I am antsy to start writing it!

In 17 days Pirate Princess will be released! If you haven't pre-ordered it, go do so now (links available at http://bit.ly/1LUBxoX)! Or wait 16 days and buy it on release day! I found out today that Pirate Princess, not even published yet, is #36 on the Amazon charts for Teen-Pirates. Thank you to everyone who made that possible! It is also in the top 500 for Teens-Sword & Sorcery! If I can get into the top 20 for Teens-Pirates I will be overjoyed!

Starting November 9th (24 days from today), Pirate Princess will begin its first online book blog tour! I have so much planned for this book and I can't wait to get the reviews from everyone.

Currently Reading: I am currently reading Disgrace of the Unicorn's Honor by L.R.W. Lee. I'm only about 35% done, but the book is very interesting so far. I'll post a review once I've finished reading it.

Currently Writing: I've been working on Book Three of the Little Death Bringer Series, but once NaNoWriMo starts I will be focusing on that!

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