Book Review: Angelbound

3.5/5 stars

Angelbound by Christina Bauer is book one in the Angelbound Origins Series and is only $0.99 the month of November.

Myla is a quasi demon with a tail that often has a mind of its own. She lives in Purgatory and fights in the Arena to defeat souls who choose combat as their test to get into Heaven or Hell. Her mother is overprotective and very secretive about her past, which drives Myla mad with curiosity. I really loved the world that Bauer created and the unique take on the system of soul management. There was a lot of action, some romance, and a mystery that unravels as Myla learns about her mother’s past and discovers who her father is. There were quite a few mistakes that the author missed in editing, but if you look past them you will find that this was a very enjoyable book. I give it 3.5 stars as A fun, quick read with lots of action.

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