Holiday Sale! 40% off ebooks!

Because you are all amazing, I'm having a Holiday Sale on select ebooks at Smashwords! 40% off!!!

Smashwords has all ebook formats available for download and they are DRM-free. Smashwords is free to join.

Coupon codes are good until December 1, 2015. Get your ebooks at 40% off while you can!

To get the discount follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Click on the ebook you want to purchase

3. Click "Buy"

4. During checkout enter the code (see below for codes) and click "apply coupon".

As always, Song of The Moon is only $0.99!

Be sure to use the correct code for the ebook you want (codes are not case sensitive):

Pirate Princess: EB93J

Daughter of Lions: TV27X

Mercenary (Little Death Bringer #1): LX64V

Kiss of a Star (Artemis Lupine #2): HA89X

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