NaNoWinner! Hello December!

That's right, I won NaNoWriMo 2015! I finished way under my goal of 150,000, but 88,081 words is still great. I have a few scenes that need to be added in and the ending needs some work, but it's a decent book if I say so myself. Once editing is done it will be great!

This is the second book of the Pirate Princess Series, but no title has been picked out yet. I have some trying times ahead of me because I combined the Little Death Bringer Series into this book during the third book of LDB. I will spend quite a bit of time editing to get everything to fit nicely together. I really have to figure out where I'm going to end LDB.

Hello December! It is really hard to believe that it is already December in 2015. The year flew by so fast! I'm about 104 books away from my 2015 sales goal. I am hoping that some of the companies that have yet to update their sales with Smashwords will have more for me and that more people will buy my books this month so I can reach my goal! If I am not able to reach it, I will not be sad. I have sold almost 9 times what my original goal was when I published Song of the Moon 5 years ago. I am so very thankful to all of you who have purchased my books and given a self-published author a chance.

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