Random Rant: Authors Rating Their Books


This is just a random rant. I am not picking on any specific person and as always, you are welcome to believe and do what you want. This is my opinion and I am allowed to have it. :-)

What's my rant about today?

Authors who rate their own work. I find it highly irritating and lose a bit of my respect for authors who rate their own work 5 stars. They are skewing the rating average for anyone who wants an honest average. Will I unfriend you or think you are a scumbag if you do this? No. Sadly, it is the norm in our current society.

I accidentally rated my first novel, Song of the Moon, on Goodreads and once you rate it, you cannot delete the rating. So, I left my rating on there, but I have never rated another book of mine since. And I never will.

If you rate your books, fine. As the author you clearly enjoyed it since you chose to publish it and authors are readers, so your rating is not false in that sense. I understand that, but I still dislike it.

Who am I really writing this rant about?

Authors who create multiple accounts and rate their books under several of those accounts, if not all of them. If you rated the books on only one of your accounts, okay fine, but I know authors who have many accounts and they rate them 5 stars under all of them. You are seriously messing with your rating averages and I find it unethical, fraudulent, and unprofessional. Now when someone sees your 4.5 star rating with 15 reviews, they don't know that of those 15 reviews 4 are yours. That means that only 11 people have legitimately reviewed your book and your average might be much lower if they took out your four 5 star reviews.

Final verdict.

Do what you want. Rate your book since you read it and enjoyed it. Just please, don't be like those authors who create multiple accounts to inflate their averages.

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