Hello 2016! Year in Review & Things to Come.

Happy New Year everyone! I was on vacation the last two weeks of December so I apologize for not posting during that time. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. For Christmas my husband and I took our children to Disneyland. We had a lot of fun and the kids were able to do many things that we missed out on the previous time we went to Disneyland.

My wonderful husband surprised me with a proposal and new ring...the story behind that is that he never actually proposed to me (yes we've been together over 13 years and married over 8, but I never had a traditional proposal) and it's been something I've griped about and my friends have teased him about for years. So, he bought me a gorgeous new engagement ring and proposed in front of the Disney castle while we were in position for one of the professional photographers to take a family photo.

It was the best Christmas surprise that I've ever received and one I will cherish the rest of my life.

For New Years we stayed home and played video games with our clan. It was the most relaxing New Years yet!


I'm still waiting for the final numbers to come in from a few companies, but I was REALLY close to my book sales goal for 2015. Hopefully I can get those numbers soon and I will know if I hit my goal or not.

This year I published 3 works, Barbaric Tendencies, Daughter of Lions, and Pirate Princess.

Barbaric Tendencies has not received any reviews yet, but that series is not a popular one so I'm not too surprised by this.

Daughter of Lions has received good reviews and I'm very happy with my first ever stand alone novel and its success.

Pirate Princess has received great reviews so far! If you haven't purchased your copy yet, please give it a chance! It's longer than any of my other novels, coming in at 423 pages, and has a TON of action and adventure.


Little Death Bringer #3 is nearly finished and will go into editing mode soon. I will work with my cover artist in the next month or two and hopefully will be able to reveal my cover, title, and the description by May.

I'm also finishing up the ending of Pirate Princess #2, which I need to figure out a title for. That will also be in editing mode for quite a while to ensure that it is the best it can be. I will send it to my editor around June and depending on how everyone's schedules work out, it could be ready for publishing either late 2016 or early 2017.

One novel that is finished, and simply in need of editing, has been glaring at me from my desk. I think it's a fun book and the one beta reader I sent it to really enjoyed it. I'm just not completely sure how I feel about the novel. I'm going to take some time to pick it apart and edit it some more before I decide on the publishing possibilities for it.

I've been working on some new novels, but nothing is to the point that I can give anything away or promote it just yet. I will definitely keep you updated as I progress. There are some fun reads and some that I stepped out of my comfort zone to write. I will be sending them to beta readers once I've made my edits to them, but they likely won't be published until 2018.

I will be doing much more reading this year as I neglected my hobby far too much in 2015. My goal is to read 75 books this year, but I'm really hoping to read 100 or more.

Thank you for a great 2015 and I look forward to what is to come in 2016.

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