Book Review: Darkest Before Dawn

3/5 stars

Darkest Before Dawn (The Veil #3)

Akil drops off a halfblood girl to Muse and then vanishes. It’s up to Muse to protect her, but things become complicated in a heartbeat. Not that that isn’t something Muse isn’t used to. Her life is one chaotic event after another. She wants more than anything to keep Dawn, the halfblood girl, safe and give her the life she never had. Truths are unveiled and Muse’s world is turned upside down. Everything she believed is wrong. I am definitely going to read the next book in the series because I want to see what happens with her and Stefan. Ryder said, “Halfbloods don’t get happy endings,” but I hope he is wrong when it comes to Muse. She’s been through so much, and so has Stefan, that I just want them happy.

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