Book Review: Granted

3/5 stars


Brielle is a genie, but until the lamp she has been assigned gets rubbed, she can't be summoned out of the town all genies live in. When it finally does happen, things aren't as glorious as she thought. First, she has to get her assigned person to make a wish so that she can get her magic, which is easier said than done. Strange things are happening and her life gets a bit more complicated when Rock, her former best friend and also a genie, shows up at the same high school she is going to. People are breaking genies' lamps, killing them, and she's convinced that it's not an accident.

I really enjoyed this book, it was paced really well and kept you wanting more. The intrigue and curve balls that Brielle constantly dealt with were good and it was one of the first books that I've read where they have all of these things without a lot of violence. Of course, that could be partly due to the fact that when a genie's lamp breaks, they burst into ash instead of bleeding or exploding. I recommend this book and look forward to the next in the series.

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