Book Review: Grave Beginnings by R.R. Virdi ★★★★


4/5 stars

Grave Beginnings (The Grave Report #1) by R.R. Virdi

Grave Beginnings is a fun detective story featuring Vincent Graves, the smart aleck hero that will surely win your heart. There are some very dark things happening and it is up to Graves to find out what/who is causing it and put a stop to it. This could very well have been a dark book, but the humor Mr. Virdi puts into the book really lightened it up. We see Graves grow emotionally in this book and the ending definitely left me wanting to find out what happens next for Vincent Graves. Grave Measures (The Grave Report #2) has been nominated for several awards, including the Dragon Awards in the Best Fantasy Novel category! Grave Beginnings is definitely a book that is worth giving a read. I will definitely be checking out Grave Measures as well.

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