Book Review: Magic Binds ★★★★★

5/5 stars

Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9)

*Bows before the Ilona Andrews duo* We are not worthy!

This book had me on the edge of my seat and running the gamut of emotions. The wedding is approaching as Kate is forced to deal with her father kidnapping Saiman and his constant testing and tapping her last nerve. We find out a lot of information we did not know before and are left wondering what Roland is up to in his "residence" outside of Kate's boundaries. I loved the scene between Derek, Ascanio, and the Deputy because it let us see that Ascanio is more than a handsome bouda and that he’s learned some from his mother. Andrea cracks me up like always and the visit to Kate’s house after an incident (can’t spoil it) where she hands Kate her baby, is what makes her and Kate’s relationship so fun to witness. I was indifferent towards Roman before, but he is a riot and I hope to see him more often. I would love to read this book from Curran’s POV and hope that the authors consider doing at least a chapter from his POV during this crazy few weeks of their lives. I was worried that the book would leave you with a cliffhanger or you wanting more and with too many unanswered questions, but I should have known better because of who the authors are. There is still a lot about their future that is uncertain, but they wrap up the book leaving you satisfied and looking forward to what happens next for Kate and Curran.

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