A winner is me!

     I did it! I wrote until 10pm last night and ended NaNoWriMo with over 52,000 words! 

The book is FAR from finished, but it's a good start and I am really happy to have finished NaNo again. 

     Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

     I am working on finalizing the cover to release a new book! Okay, technically it's a collection of old books, but there is a brand new, never before seen short story from Koda in it! There will also be some concept drawings from Avery Banks included for your viewing pleasure.

     The book is titled: Artemis Lupine The Complete Series. 

     I am still debating format, but hope to have it up for pre-order soon. 

     I am also editing a new book that I plan to release early next year. This book is a YA Fantasy full of Gods, secrets, and demigods! I can't wait to revealthe cover! It is gorgeous! 

     That is all for now, but I will return soon! 

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