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Crazy is something Alyssa is used to, but a magical realm with vampires, centaurs, and evil queens is too much even for her.
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Escaping the orphanage, Alyssa thinks she’s setting out for a new life. A strange thunderstorm transports her and dozens of others to another dimension, and Alyssa must learn to survive in this new world.

After escaping from the evil queen who treats the humans as slaves, vampires after her blood, and witches out for her head, she puts her trust in a lynx. The lynx seems as smart as a human and trustworthy, but her options are limited in this world of magic.

When the lynx gives itself up to the queen to save her, Alyssa is determined to train and rescue him.

But complacency will get you killed here, just like trusting the wrong people can.

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