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Her Royal Harem: Ember



Can they destroy the evil organization after them or will this be the end of Ember’s pack?
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In a world where the shadows of malevolence loom, Ember, once a secluded healer, is thrust into a destiny she never sought. Her journey begins as she embraces her connection with the enigmatic Prince Caleb and his companions, entering a perilous dance with the Hybrid Eradication (H.E.) organization. A force hell-bent on obliterating all hybrids, Ember, alongside Prince Caleb, Riddick, Branson, and Triston, must rise against the tide to protect the vulnerable and preserve the fragile unity of their pack.

Her journey of self-discovery unveils not only her heritage, but also latent powers waiting to be unfurled. Collaboration with Princess Jolie and Princess Leona becomes the crucible in which Ember hones her abilities. However, earning the trust of Caleb and the others proves a daunting task. As a reconnaissance mission unveils a malevolent plot that threatens to dismantle the very fabric of their newfound pack, Ember is faced with a crucial choice: master her powers in time or lose the bonds she's forged with those who hold her heart. Will Ember be the savior her pack needs, or will the darkness of H.E. snuff out the blossoming love and hope she holds dear?

“Outnumbered: Her Royal Harem – Ember” is an enthralling sequel, woven with elements of mystery, empowerment, and the unbreakable bonds of love.

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