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Queen of the Stars

Queen of the Stars

Their Fae Goddess



Elara can pull the stars from the sky…literally.

Afraid of what the Warlords of Minloa might do to her, she hides her powers.

Until she can’t anymore.

Discovering her past and the bloodlines she possesses, changes everything. She’s much more important to the Seelie fae than she ever dreamed possible.

But her carelessness with the stars brings invaders from another universe — invaders with technology far surpassing the Seelie’s, demanding Elara return their star.

She must protect her world, her warlords, and the universe from these humans, or die trying.

You’ll love this action-packed fantasy with bits of sci-fi because everyone wishes for a chance to touch the stars.

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This is a full-length reverse harem #whychoose fantasy novel. This is the first in a new trilogy that will be part of a multi-series universe.

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