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Shark 2

Shark 2




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Dive into the high-stakes world where Kass, a shark shifter falling fin over snout in love with four shifters must navigate treacherous new battles. When the guys are invited to a poker tournament, Kass must step out of her comfort zone to travel to the desert. When one of the guys is ordered to return to his pack and accept his assigned mate, Kass and his bond is tested like never before. As the tournament heats up, Kass must navigate deep waters of deception while struggling to protect her love and uncover the truth behind the shadows lurking at the tournament and in their town. With new dangers and struggles popping up, can she convince them to become mates or will her gamble cost her everything?

Join Kass in this thrilling second and final book of love, where the odds are stacked, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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