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Stone Heart

Stone Heart


The stone could save their world, but no one wants to find it.
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A monster lurks in every shadow, the seas are red with the blood of those who have fallen victim to leviathans, and no one has been safe for a hundred years outside of the protection of the sirens or mages. And now those protections are failing.
Someone needs to find the stone.

It's a fool's errand, and no one knows that better than Ivy. Her father was the first siren sent after the stone when her clan received the message from district thirteen. But that was twelve years ago. Her father never returned. Her mother has been drunk ever since, and Ivy was left to raise herself with the stigma of being the child of the fool who went after the stone. And every year her clan sentences another siren to the exile of searching for the stone, but this year, they choose Ivy.

To find the stone, a mage and a siren must work together.

But to Ivy, the mage she's assigned, Kane, is the laziest, least caring man on the planet. How would she ever succeed in finding the one thing that has eluded so many others? Danger lurks around every corner, and every beast they come across finds Ivy a delicious-looking morsel. 

A standalone, full-length novel in the Cursed Seas Collection, Stone Heart will satisfy fans of Maze Runner, The 100, or Hunger Games series.  Action, adventure, and a bit of comedy surround the sirens, mages, pirates, and monsters in this dystopian world. Grab your copy now, and stay up all night reading!

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