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The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf


“My name is Lily, and I’m the last werewolf.”
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In a world where vampires lay claim to everything, Lily is the last of her kind. It used to be her and her brother, until a mysterious hunter tracked them down. Only Lily survived.

It’s enough of a struggle trying to fit into society with no pack and hiding what she really is, so when The Hunter who murdered her brother comes to town, catastrophe is sure to follow. The only barrier between her and certain death is Irving, a mage who discovers her secret and offers to keep her safe. But why, when it’s at such a great risk to him?

Irving has his own set of secrets, and if either of them want to make it out alive, they have to work together. Lily will need all the help she can get for when The Hunter comes knocking.

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