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Their Purple Girl

Their Purple Girl


How long can you run from your past? How long can you stay in the shadows?

A new town. A new start. A new life. Anything should have been possible for me after moving from the bustle of my California home to a small town in the south, but what if I’m not able to move on?

And then, what about the Gods?

Three boys who rule the school, golden monarchs, have set their sights on me from day one. Maybe they’re all trouble, but 

I am too…

My past haunts me even as I try to keep moving forward and 

I’m struggling to balance myself, my history, new life, and friends. Can I really handle dating a guy on top of all that? Let alone three?

If my past catches up to me, I may never find out.

Look inside and dive into Cameron’s world as she navigates small town politics, a mysterious past, and coming to terms with her own self-worth.

This is a slow burn, young adult, reverse harem romance with a dark twist that ends with a HEA.

Trigger warning: PTSD. Mentions of: drugs, alcohol, and gang violence.

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